These oxygen plants can be installed fitted within a self-contained housing unit or as a plant only, to be fitted within a building. Purity levels required for application in medical or industrial areas must be supplied by the client before a final quotation can be made. Generally the medical application oxygen in Africa requires a minimum purity level of 93 % as is the instance in the USA

Cylinder Filling

These plants solve the problem of having to transport oxygen around, either in liquid or cylinder form. Due to the plant having a cylinder filling section of its own, cylinders can be filled and used e.g. In the area around the hospital or even in a larger area where that area is isolated as a whole for example, on an island.

The plant eliminates loss of capital due to:

  • loss of liquid oxygen when converting to gaseous form.
  • leaks in the piping system do not result in costly loss of oxygen.
  • deposits are not forfeited due to loss of cylinders.
  • the hire fee for the cylinders falls away.
  • transport costs are reduced.

Ongoing Support and Training

Certain spares are included with the plants.

A servicing programme can be concluded with our company. Engineering and other staff of the users institutions will be trained in operation and maintenance of the plant.

The daily service requirements of the plant can be attended to by non-skilled and semi-skilled personnel. Periodic checks and tests by a qualified engineer are to be done according to a programme. The main requirements for a qualified engineer would be with servicing, problem identifying or repairs (during servicing the oxygen supply could continue in the form of supply from the cylinders).


The plant can consist of a single unit or two totally independently operating systems that feed to the same supply line. The split unit is more costly but has the added benefit of extra continuity during servicing of a plant or during repairs. While one plant is shut down the other will continue operating. Our plants have many other features that are not apparent on the surface but that are essential to the successful and continuous operation of the units.

Industrial Application

The oxygen plants can also be used to supply the gas for industrial applications. The therapeutic section will, of course, not be required in this area of use. The purity of oxygen required in this instance will depend on the application e.g. For furnace enrichment 90% purity is required wheras certain welding and cutting procedures require higher purities – 99% plus when cutting steel thicker than 50mm. We can supply the higher or lower purity plants.

Nitrogen Generators

Virtually all the detail pertaining to the oxygen generator is applicable to the nitrogen generator except that nitrogen gas is delivered.

Uses can include but are not limited to :

Aircraft industry: Fill, charge struts, airslides, purging fuel lines.

Other applications: Truck and bus tyres, food packaging, blanketing volatile materials.