We offer the following:

  • Technical requirements regarding e.g. Power surges, power failures, power backup systems, weather conditions and other factors.
  • Assistance with calculating requirements e.g. the current usage of a client does not normally reflect the required gas usage due to the commodity being very expensive and the institution having to cut back on expenditure. We have other methods of calculating the requirements.
  • We prefer to use components that have representation in the destination country.
  • Our engineers are on hand for any technical advise, installations and ongoing technical requirements.
  • We will take any specific requirements into account and design and supply accordingly e.g. We can build the whole unit within modified containers in SA (using standard 6M or 12M marine containers), transport the whole unit /s to the client, place it in proximity to the application area, connect up and set the whole plant running. The modified housing will then be the permanent housing of the plant with no building required.
  • Our technical staff and engineers will travel to site where required.

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